Old security code labels,
It will be discontinued from September 2018.

Security labels are currently used,
Rose mask is sold by SASA Hong Kong.

Step of makeup bud identification
Anti-counterfeiting query
02Identification step 2 / scan security code identification

You can get the query result by scanning the security code on the back of the mask box through wechat

Scan code (left) will display the query result (right), please check the last 4 digits of the security code, at the same time, you can see the query times and time



Scanning security code identification

As shown below, you can view the url on the drop-down page and check the domain name url on the genuine phone




01Identify the first step/scan the wechat public account


03Identify step 3 / box

1.Such as open the packaging box, tiled cut open.



2.Separate the paper from the outer mold with a fingernail, and you can see the word "RAY" printed on the paper layer.



3.Separate the heart of the paper again, slowly tear, you can see the word RAY more clearly.




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